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Andorra Veterinary Clinic

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Mt. Airy Veterinary Hospital offers a wide array of services for your dog or cat. Our state-of-the-art clinics include surgical and in-house laboratory facilities to help us meet all of your pet's needs. To learn more, click a service below!

Online Pharmacy

Our new online pharmacy makes it possible for you to get your pets' medications without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Simply follow the link below and you can easily place an order that will be shipped right to your door!

* All prescription drug requests will be submitted to the patient's doctor for approval before being shipped.

Visit Our Online Pharmacy

In-House Lab and Pharmacy

Our in-house laboratory makes it possible for our doctors to identify illnesses and diagnose disease immediately. With these capabilities, we are able to initiate treatments quickly to achieve a more positive outcome. Additionally, the in-house laboratory allows for rapid responses to emergency cases. Patients can often get blood work results back while they wait, and medications can be dispensed at the time of departure.


We have recently acquired a Sound Technologies DR ex digital radiography system. This digital technology provides a sharper and cleaner image than analog x-ray machines. Other benefits include: lower dosage x-rays without sacrificing picture quality, the ability to enhance, manipulate, and share images quickly, electronic archiving, and the elimination of chemicals involved in film processing that are harmful to the environment.


For our Canine guests, we have roomy, indoor, air conditioned cages, runs, and double runs (which can be shared by multiple pets at your request), and large individual outdoor exercise runs which the dogs play in twice a day.

Boarding for cats has never been nicer! The boarding cat condos are completely isolated from dogs (on their own floor!). Each cage has a clear plexiglass back with a perch, so the cats can look out the windows. The cages have optional connecting doorways, so you can request to have your cats share a multi-room set of cages.


An electrocardiograph (EKG or ECG) is used to record the electrical activity of the heart over time. It is a non-invasive tool that can help detect cardiac problems and is often used in exams, during and after surgery, and in the intensive care unit.

Dentistry and Surgery

All of the Doctors at Mt. Airy Animal Hospital perform dental procedures regularly. Dental disease can be a serious problem for many pets, and is often associated with mouth pain, tooth decay, infection, and bad breath. Even with regular home dental care, many dogs and cats will need dental cleanings several times in their lifetime in order to keep their teeth healthy.

Our Doctors also perform routine soft tissue surgeries every week. Every precaution is taken to ensure that your pet is comfortable during the procedure. We utilize AAHA approved anesthetic protocol and the latest patient monitoring equipment.


Acupuncture is the stimulation of specific points on the body which have the ability to alter various biochemical and physiological conditions in order to achieve a healing effect. It is not a cure-all, but it works well where indicated and when used alone or in combination with traditional veterinary medicine.

Acupuncture is known to have therapeutic effects in a wide variety of animal diseases. Pain modification is an important application of veterinary acupuncture, but there are much wider applications. Examples of clinical conditions where veterinary acupuncture:

  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Respiratory problems
  • Urinary disorders
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Dermatological problems


Having your pet microchipped is one of the best ways to increase your pet's chances of getting home if he or she is lost or stolen and winds up at an animal shelter or veterinary office. Unlike tags and collars, which can fall off or be removed, microchipping is a more permanent form of identifying your dog or cat.

A study by researchers at Ohio State looking at data from 53 shelters in 23 states found the return-to-owner rate was 20 times higher for cats, and two-and-a-half times higher for dogs when the pet was microchipped, compared to rates of return for all stray cats and dogs that had entered the shelters. When a pet had a microchip, owners were located almost three-quarters of the time. When owners couldn't be found, it was usually because the pet's information hadn't been updated within the chip registry.